TAGO | Purity

For G Hotels the well-being of our guests and collaborators is of utmost importance, for that reason, we take as a priority the instructions and measures of the WHO and the Ministry of Health, following the international protocols of hygiene and sanitation, which we will continue to implement to ensure the health and welfare of our customers upon our return.
Purity by G Hotels was born with the objective of implementing hygiene and safety practices against Covid-19 within our facilities we have a list of preventive measures.

Safety and control: Selection of certified suppliers, body temperature control of both guests and employees, specialized hygiene and cleanliness audits, new protocols for suppliers in the reception of goods.

Team organization: Modification of hygiene and safety procedures, creation of specific protocols, redesign of operations to improve safety.

Protection systems: We reinforce protection practices and measures for both clients and work teams, providing hygiene measures in common areas.

Training and information: Continuous training on Covid-19 and safety, information and safety recommendations to customers.

Cleaning and hygiene: We intensify the cleaning and disinfection processes of facilities, equipment and surfaces, utensils and food containers.

Technology: New web and social network utilities to improve the experience and encourage the reduction of contacts.

We continue to be inspired to give you the best experience, programming all our activities focused on new forms of celebration, health and wellness. Always happy to see you again.