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TULUM an Eden to Enjoy

This destination adapts to the rhythm of each person: from those globetrotters who need to disconnect and enjoy the comfort of their hotel, to those who want to go out in search of adventure.

The vitality of the town of Tulum is such that even frequent travelers find new options at each visit.

The fun catalog includes a must-see: the Tankah nature reserve, which is located about 20 minutes from downtown Tulum.

The site welcomes anyone who is looking for ecotourism alternatives, have contact with the locals, buy handicrafts and honey from melipona bees as well as try a delicious meal. In our experience we arrived with the tour operator Mayaland.

The main attraction is the four cenotes of Tankah: Cave and Piranhas (semi-open) and Blue and Naval (open).

In Cave, you have to briefly slide along a zip line until you reach the center of the cenote, then take a dip.

Piranhas offers the opportunity to enter the bowels of a cave where there are stalactites; while, in Azul, visitors practice snorkeling among lilies.

The Naval cenote is the largest. Here, visitors receive adrenaline shots and magnificent views thanks to the two zip lines that cross this natural wonder. In addition, the experience is complemented by a tour aboard a canoe.

After completing the adventure in this magnificent place, it is worth returning to the coveted town of Tulum to discover some of its best treasures. For example, Naná Rooftop Bar.

Among the specialties of this place, located in the downtown area, is the "Sakemate", which includes sake and kombucha (fermented tea) from ate; and the "Beetlejuice", prepared with gin and beet vinegar.

If visitors like to try drinks not included in the menu, they should only consult Sixto, the bartender of the site, to make a custom cocktail.

By the way, if you are traveling to this destination, what has become a favorite of honeymooners, foodies and those who travel with friends; Consider that until the end of February you can enjoy "Madness", an emerging experience of the Millesime company that combines dishes of distinguished chefs with an interactive theater show.

Experience and destiny leave a great taste in the mouth.